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Microsoft Band 2 Review

Design The Microsoft Band 2 sees the previous incarnation’s all-black look enhanced with a silvery metallic finish on its edges, rather than the plastic that was previously used. Rather than having a back metal finish on the clasp, it has a silver ...

CES New Fitness Tracker Line-up for 2016: Misfit Ray

While Fitbit has moved towards Smartwatch Territory, Misfit is going the other direction and I honestly thing this could be a really good thing. When everyone already has a smartphone, your fitness tracker should monitor as much as possible and ...

CES New Fitness Tracker Line-up for 2016: Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Surge was an odd proposal, almost like a pebble smartwatch focused on fitness. This would have been tempting were it not for the lack of potential apps and high cost. I guess the inbuilt GPS may have been a requirement for some athletes ...

Fitbit Charge HR Review

The Fitbit Charge HR is one of the most popular Fitness tracker wearable gadgets in the market today and for good reason. This is the current Fitbit I'm using as it fulfils almost all of my requirements. Features Fitbit HR records the usual ...

Samsung Gear Fit Review

Designed to offer a combination of smart watch and fitness tool, the Gear Fit is the first product of its kind released by the Korean manufacturer. With a focus on fitness and healthy living, does the technological approach really suit those who are ...

GARMIN vívofit Fitness Band review

One of the best features of Garmin’s new product is that it is able to display a great deal of important information at all times. This could be a certain number of steps or a certain time which you have set yourself. Having this goal on your wrist ...