CES New Fitness Tracker Line-up for 2016: Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Surge was an odd proposal, almost like a pebble smartwatch focused on fitness. This would have been tempting were it not for the lack of potential apps and high cost. I guess the inbuilt GPS may have been a requirement for some athletes reluctant to carry their smartphone while exercising, but personally I think it pushed the price point too high. It was also unclear if apps like Spotify and Endomondo could be controlled – my gut reaction was to hold out for something better.

In 2016 we have been presented the Fitbit Blaze at CES; this is a move further into smart watch territory with a colour touch screen and app like functionality.

The Fitbit blaze’s core focus remains on health, which will be its main gambit against the competition – it’s using its own proprietary OS and will need to be the most accurate and user friendly to make any impact on the market as there is little chance it will be able to compete against iOS and Android’s app library.

However I believe they have made the correct decision in keeping GPS out of this as it reduces the price to a competitive estimated $200(£136) and could be a good buy for anyone wanting a good health tracker that also doubles as a stylish smart watch.

It’s said to be able to control music and I’d be happy with this if it allowed me to control Spotify and bonus points for starting apps like Endomodo or Strava.

Like every other Fitbit it Tracks Exercise and Sleep and is also said to know what exercise is being done including, treadmill running, tennis, football and Zumba among other activities and also provides onscreen workouts via the Fitstar App.

If Fitbit get out a few key core apps for this it could work out a popular tracker to own, however Fitbit’s move into the Smartwatch Arena worries some investors and Fitbit’s stock fell 18% on the announcement.

One of the main factors that draw me to Fitbit are the integration with popular fitness services like Withings scales, weightwatchers online, Endomondo and more – if they keep moving in this way they will continually conquer their corner of the market.

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