CES New Fitness Tracker Line-up for 2016: Misfit Ray

While Fitbit has moved towards Smartwatch Territory, Misfit is going the other direction and I honestly thing this could be a really good thing.

When everyone already has a smartphone, your fitness tracker should monitor as much as possible and be as discrete or stylish as possible – bracelets, earrings and necklaces are an attractive option for the fashion conscious athlete.

The Misfit Ray is an aluminium pod which can be on the wrist alongside a smart watch or around the neck and can run for six months using replaceable batteries. It has a multi-colour LED to provide indications and it can vibrate, however like the Shine, the only sensor is an accelerometer to track activity and sleep.

It comes with a rubber sports band and a leather replacement can be purchased – however due to its design it could feasibly be attached to many necklaces or bracelets. It can be worn while swimming (up to 50 meters) and connects with Misfit’s Tracker app and also Misfit Link, which works as a programmable smart button allowing a basic remote function for a smartphone.

Now if misfit synced with Strava or Endomondo this would be a great way to indicate the start of your workout.

After Misfit’s collaborations with Swarovski and now their buyout by Fossil it will be an interesting niche to watch with more tracker jewellery (and possibly watches) on the way.

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