Motorola Motoactv 8GB GPS Fitness Tracker and Smart MP3 Music Player

After the release of the 6th generation iPod Nano, it was a no-brainer that someone would start making watch straps for it. No doubt it is popular among fitness fanatics as a small and convenient MP3 player and especially with the addition of Nike+, however there are a few features missing especially for training outdoors and the lack of Bluetooth means annoying cables flapping around your arm. Whether or not Motorola responded to this concept, or simply came to a parallel logical step in taking GPS sports watches to the next level we will never know, but the MotoActv currently in its first generation is a great step in the right direction for sports watches.

The Accelerometers allow you to use this in the gym as much as outdoors, and wearing it all day will track your activity just like the Fitbit, providing your daily calorie burn as computed by your age and weight. The accelerometer counts your steps, just like a digital pedometer. You can also track your heart rate with an optional heart rate monitor – you can use any heart rate monitor that uses ANT + or Bluetooth. The GPS will track your  location, distance, speed and allow you to view your route via Google maps – you can do this from the actual watch, however the screen is a bit small for maps, so it’s best to check your rout out via their website. Unlike other devices, the MotoActv can sync via your home Wi-Fi set up so there is no need to sync via USB – once you have connected it to your home Wi-Fi it will automatically update. The MotoActv sports an 8GB music player and I’ve seen a 16GB Golf Edition around the web that doesn’t seem to be currently available. The device tracks what music you listen to during workouts and can create a custom playlist of the songs that make you run or bike faster. If you’re flagging near the end of your run, there is a lightning bolt icon you can tap to get the device to play the tunes that get you going the most. Another great feature that is simply not found in enough MP3 players is the ability to support Bluetooth stereo headphones. Motorola have their own headphones, but we’d recommend the Jaybird Freedom for sound quality and durability. The watch software runs on the android platform so it can be updated with new apps and features. One such app allows you to answer calls and text messages from your watch by syncing to your android smart phone. There is also a Golf App available that has data from 20,000 golf courses worldwide in its database to check the distance to the front back and centre of the green along with hazards. The MotoActv is splash proof and does quite well around water though we wouldn’t recommend swimming with it. It comes with SF200 Sport Headphones – these are wired ones as you have to get Bluetooth ones separately you also get a clothing / belt clip, wrist Strap and a USB Charge Cable. There are a good few accessories available including a Bike Mount, Bike Cadence Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, Arm Band and a selection of Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.

The device features the following:

  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with ANT+ compatibility
  • FM radio
  • 8/16GB MP3 Player
GPS TrackingYesMP3 Player8GB / 16GB
Accelerometers / Step CounterYesVibrating AlarmYes
Syncs to PC / AppYes - Bluetooth & Wi-FiChargeable BatteryYes
Altitude TrackingNoWaterproofNo
Display on bandYesSplashproofYes
Sleep MonitoringNoPrice£166

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