Bodymedia FIT Core

The Bodymedia FIT CORE is one of three types of Bodymedia FiT products which are all designed and geared towards people who want to lose weight. The other two products are the FIT LINK and the FIT Advantage, of which the FIT LINK seems to be the highest quality of the range.

Similarly to other activity trackers this device tracks calories burned, steps taken, activity levels and quality of sleep in regards to duration, patterns and efficiency. The main selling point for the Bodymedia FIT CORE is that it’s designed for people who want to lose weight. It collects data every minute to ensure the best accuracy and it’s rechargeable battery lasts approximately four to six days, relatively average for the market.

The Bodymedia FIT CORE has pros and cons associated with it. There is a website where all the data collected is stored and to access that site and data you need to have a subscription. When you purchase the product you get your first three months free, however you then pay a monthly subscription, unlike many other fitness tracker sites. However it also links up with other free to use fitness sites such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and Sparkpeople so this may not be such a problem.

Another disadvantage to the product is that it is not Bluetooth enabled (only the FIT LINK is). It comes with a USB syncing cable that must be connected to a computer or iOS device which not only creates another step, but creates another possible component to lose. The arm band is thin, but very indiscreet if you wear short sleeves or tight long sleeves. It does not come with a display which frustrates many users. It is possible to purchase a mini display that is about the size of the face of a watch. Some users also say wearing the band at night is difficult to get used to.

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