Fitbit Charge HR Review

The Fitbit Charge HR is one of the most popular Fitness tracker wearable gadgets in the market today and for good reason. This is the current Fitbit I’m using as it fulfils almost all of my requirements.


Fitbit HR records the usual fitness statistics with an additional feature of recording the heart rate. It has advanced sensors which help to track calories and fitness activities by the day time as well as monitoring your sleep patterns by night.

Here are some of the main features of Fitbit HR:

  1. Activity tracking

With this wearable gadget, you can keep tab of your steps and calories. It’s one of the best fitness trackers that you can wear on your wrist and monitor the progress of your daily activities. You can use the stopwatch mode and record time taken on each activity.

With the use of a bright LED through the optical heart rate monitor, you get accurate details of your exercise, like blood pulsing. However the device has no GPS and such information as space and distance covered are not made available. This makes the device only suitable for casual runners and dedicated runners who find information on distance useful may feel short listed.

  1. Heart rate monitoring

Fitbit has a unique heart rate technology commonly referred to as Pure pulse. This technology helps you to track your heart rate all day on your wrist. A built in barometer and accelerator helps to gather the heart rate, steps taken, and the intensity of the activity, whether walking or running.

The heart rate technology works automatically and starts collecting data the moment it’s on your wrist and the green LED light is on. The information gathered can be viewed during or after the exercise on a mobile device synced with Fitbit app.

It gives fairly accurate feedback on the number of steps, heart rate, calories burned and the time taken. Just like many fitness bands, sometimes the heart rate reading can be seen to be jumping up and down. But the readings are more accurate than any other wrist band in the market.

  1. Sleep tracking

Fitbit is designed to monitor sleep activities automatically and ensure you don’t miss nights of sleep.

Although this gadget is focused on monitoring fitness activities, it has an added feature of tracking your sleep patterns. The simplicity of this feature can be attributed to the fact that it’s only an additional feature and not one of the main features. The feedback of your sleep duration and when you turned and tossed is indicated on a graph. You will not tell whether and when you had deep or light sleep with this gadget.

To be honest It’s a bit bulky for leaving on in bed and the rubbery finish combined with sharp angles catch on stuff  you brush against. If you sleep with a partner they will not appreciate this watch scraping against them at night.


Fitbit HR can be said to be a super powered tracking device with unique heart rate technology- Pure Pulse- which makes it possible for continued heart rate monitoring all day and at night.

The heart rate technology puts Fitbit ahead of its competition. The heart rate data is more accurate and consistent than any other fitness device has achieved before. With Fitbit App, you can monitor your heart rate activity through Fitbit heart rate chart. The chart shows minutes spent in higher target zones as exercise as well as every day fluctuating heart rate. However, the presentation of higher heart rate as exercise is not always accurate.

Battery life is impressive given the continuous LED light that keeps flashing to monitor your heart rate. The battery can run for up to five days before recharging.

It is not entirely water proof and you are not recommended to go swimming with this gadget. But its 1ATM water-resistant and you need not remove it in the shower.


Fitbit HR is user friendly and easy to use. It starts gathering data the moment you put it on your wrist automatically and the data presentation is also easy to interpret.

The design is sleek, trendy, and unisex blending with any outfit. It’s available in a variety of shape and colours which can be matched with both office and casual outfit. You can wear Fitbit on your wrist with a rubber strap that is adjustable.

The caller ID feature helps to see who is calling you before you reach for your Smartphone. The band will buzz and show the name of the caller on the screen.

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Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

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  • Good for casual runners whose goal is to lose weight.
  • Comfortable on your wrist.
  • Can track nearly all exercises.
  • Fairly accurate heart rate data.


  • No feedback on distance and space
  • No GPS
  • It’s waterproof but not for swimming, as the gforce involved in swimming could let water in. I’ve been in a the shower and bath with it however and its been fine,
  • Simplified sleep tracker. Awkward to be worn in bed.

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