Fitbit Flex – More for Your Money

With its simple design, the Fitbit Flex is less complicated than most of its competitors. The unit features simple flashing lights that indicate to indicate a switch in activities and show your progress throughout the day. Some users might prefer a clock, pictures or other displays on the face of their fitness tracker, but many users will appreciate the fact that the lights make the unit quick and easy to read.

The elastomer Fitbit Flex band comes in slate grey and black, looking similar to a sports watch band. Users can purchase additional colours for an extra £8.You actually receive both a small and large band with the product, and they are adjustable to fit any size wrist. You do, of course, also receive the Fitbit Flex machine itself, which fits inside the band, and a charger.

The entire Fitbit Flex band and tracker weighs about half an ounce. It is so much lighter than most of its competitors, you may hardly notice you’re wearing it. With its five day charge, you’ll hardly have to remove it.

The Fitbit Flex works not only with your Android or iOS device, but also with PCs and Macs. It syncs via Bluetooth 4.0, or you can use the supplied USB connector. The data from the device is synced and then displayed on easy-to-read charts and graphs on your device of choice. The upside is that your data is synced automatically if your wireless device is nearby. The downside is that it only updates and syncs about every 20 minutes, so you aren’t seeing real-time data.

One great feature of the Fitbit Flex is that, with its application, it can more accurately count steps than some of its competitors. Like many of its competitors, the Fitbit Flex will count a shake of the wrist as a step. To get around this issue, you can simply type into the application what activity you are currently doing, such as typing, and then those wrist shakes won’t be counted as steps. Also like its many of its competitors, the Fitbit flex doesn’t have a way to track calories burned for activities such as biking or weight lifting. Since the Fitbit Flex is waterproof up to about 33 feet, you can track swimming as one of your activities, something many of its competitors can’t do.

At the end of the day, several taps on the face of the Fitbit Flex puts it into sleep mode. In sleep mode, the Fitbit Flex tracks how much sleep you’re getting as well as how much you toss and turn. It does not track how much of each kind of sleep you get though. One unique feature is that it offers a vibrating alarm to wake you at your chosen time.

With its ability to not only track food consumption as well as activity and sleeping, the Fitbit Flex is a robust product in comparison. Its simple design and comfort factor are a big plus. Priced very competitively at £64.99, much less than several of its competitors, it appears that the pros of the Fitbit Flex outweigh any downsides, giving you more for your money at an economical price.

Accelerometers / Step CounterYesVibrating AlarmYes
Syncs to PC / AppYes / iOS & AndroidChargeable BatteryYes
Altitude TrackingNoWaterproofYes - Tracks Swimming
Heart Rate MonitorNoVisible DisplayMinimalistic
Sleep MonitoringYesPrice£64-£94

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