Fitbit One – Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One Clipped to T-ShirtThe Fitbit One is smaller and more pocket friendly than the ultra with a brighter and easy to read screen, it now also supports low-powered bluetooth 4.0 some newer phones have that allows continuous pairing without severely reducing the battery of the phone. As usual progress can be monitored on the device through an iPhone or Android app or at home it will sync through a small USB dongle. Data can be uploaded to your Fitbit Account to track goals, add activities and compete with friends. The Fitbit One also recharges through its USB connection. One of the great new features is a built in altimeter to keep track of altitude, which can be used to count steps if you’re simply rushing around town, or simply to enhance your calorie count if you’re out running in a hilly or mountainous area.

Another new feature which aligns it with the Jawbone Up in available functions is sleep monitoring. The Fitbit One comes with a wristband so it can be worn at night to track sleep and sleep disturbance (i.e. thrashing around or any other nocturnal activity.) It’s also possible to set an alarm through the Fitbit smartphone app or website – the Fitbit silently wakes you through vibration so as not to wake your significant other. The Fitbit One is splashproof and comes in black or burgundy from £80.

Accelerometers / Step CounterYesVibrating AlarmYes
Syncs to PC / AppYesChargeable BatteryYes
Altitude TrackingYesWaterproofNo
Display on bandYesSplashproofYes
Sleep MonitoringYesPrice£80

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  1. This flagship model is smarter than the Ultra that I used previously

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