GARMIN vívofit Fitness Band review

One of the best features of Garmin’s new product is that it is able to display a great deal of important information at all times. This could be a certain number of steps or a certain time which you have set yourself. Having this goal on your wrist at all times is encouraging and useful. It can help with motivation and documentation, particularly useful if you are exercising away from the gym where recording progress is a little bit tougher. In order to reach this feedback, little to no user reaction is required, which is great during longer runs or activities when you just want to check the information quickly. The Move bar is a great addition, providing motivation throughout your fitness regime. As well as this, the device is able to adapt and evolve to suit individual daily goals set by the user.

For those looking to track their work, the inbuilt sensors on the Garmin vívofit Fitness Band make it an excellent choice. Connecting to a dedicated smartphone app, users can find and record all of the information which the device is able to track, documenting every aspect of their training regime in order to make sure that the right goals are reached. On top of this, the excellent battery life means that running out of juice halfway through a day or a workout is unlikely, while the waterproof nature of the product can allow the user to train and exercise even when the weather is not ideal.

The Garmin vívofit Fitness Band is designed to offer a user friendly approach to fitness tracking. In the box, you will find a supplied adaptor for connecting the device to a PC or can simply pair it with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Syncing is simple. Once you are in range of your PC or smartphone, holding down the button until ‘sync’ appears on the screen will begin the transfer process. Whichever means you then use of checking your data, Garmin is able to provide data in a visually pleasing graph form, rather than just raw numbers.

However, not everything is ideal. From an aesthetic standpoint, the design is somewhat unimaginative. Whilst intuitive and easy to use, the thick black band is a little plain and can also seem a little uncomfortable. The straps are not interchangeable as they are in some other devices, meaning that finding the perfect fit can be difficult in some cases. The lack of a backlight on the display can mean that it is tough to read in some lighting conditions such as early morning sun.

In spite of these flaws, the Garmin vívofit Fitness Band offers a fine choice when it comes to choosing a fitness tracker. While the price may be high compared to some of the rivals, the ease of use and the accurate nature of the tracking are essential features for those looking to get the most out of their fitness. If you can live with the bland design and if the device fits comfortably, you will struggle to find a better fitness tracker than the Garmin vívofit Fitness Band.

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