Jawbone UP 24 – More than a Fitness Tracker

The Jawbone UP 24 isn’t just a fitness tracker or a pedometer. It’s more like an overall caretaker for your physical well-being. CNET news even writes, “Don’t call Jawbone’s UP24 a fitness tracker”. Indeed, it is not.

Weighing just 22 grams, the Jawbone UP 24 is lightweight and comes in small, medium or large. For those who might be in between two of those sizes, the Up 24 can be fitted snugly around wrist due to its open circular design.One downside is that the surface doesn’t feature a clock though, so users would have to wear a sports watch as well as the band. There are also only two colour options – black or persimmon.

With a charge lasting up to seven days, slightly longer than most of its competitors, the Jawbone UP 24 is fully charged in just under two hours. Like its competitors, the Jawbone is water resistant, but because the unit cannot be submerged in water, wearers cannot track swimming activity. Jawbone isn’t alone in that however; this is an issue with similar bands, such as the Nike Fuelband, as well.

Although the Jawbone UP 24 does have a connector to sync your data, users have the convenient option of uploading data wirelessly. This is especially nice, because you don’t have to wait to view your progress in one large chunk of time a couple of times a day. You can sync wirelessly with your phone or tablet several times throughout the day. This comes with a caveat though: the Jawbone is only iOS compatible. It will not work with Android devices.

The free app that comes with the band has a simple, user friendly interface, chock full of easy-to-read charts and graphs. Users can see what they’ve been eating during the day and their food’s nutritional value just with a scan of the food packaging. If eating out, youcan enter the restaurant name, and a menu for the restaurant comes up where you can select your dish and drink. The only downside to this is that there is no feature that allows you to manually type in the name of a food and number of calories in that food if the app can’t find it.

Of course, the band works with the app to show steps taken and calories burned. As with other bands though, there is no heart rate monitor and no way for the bracelet to determine the intensity of your workout. It also wouldn’t know whether you were lifting a 10 pound weight or a 40 pound weight. In addition to tracking that exercise though, Jawbone’s app offers tips and tricks to keep you healthy and on track with your health and fitness goals.

At the end of the day, when you go to bed, a simple click of a smooth button on the tip of the Jawbone UP 24 puts it in sleep mode. After that, the Jawbone UP24 becomes your sleep guardian, tracking not only how fast you fall asleep, but how much of each type of sleep you’re getting. It can even wake you after a certain amount of sleep at just the ideal time in your sleep cycle to leave you feeling like you’ve had plenty of sleep.

Overall, at price of £79, the Jawbone UP 24 is a great product for keeping you healthy and on track.

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