Misfit Shine Review

The Misfit Shine works with either iOS or Android devices, but an extra step is needed to have the unit sync with an Android device. Straight out of the box, the Misfit Shine comes with a standard CR2302 watch battery, so no charging is needed. The battery can be expected to last four to five months. It also comes with an adjustable rubber arm band (which can be ordered in leather as well), a magnetic case for attaching to a shoe or other piece of clothing, as well as a pendant case for wearing the unit around your neck.

As far as design, the Misfit Shine is fairly sleek and simple. It is a circular silver unit, about the size of a quarter, and weighs under 10 grams. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, it is strong and durable.

As stated earlier, the Misfit Shine is submersible in water, up to 150 feet. This is one major area where other fitness trackers have fallen short – they can’t track swimming. You can also shower with the Misfit Shine, so you don’t have to take it off and risk not remembering to put it back on when getting ready for the day.

Like most fitness trackers, the Misfit Shine tracks your calorie expenditure and features a pedometer. Although it does not feature an altimeter per se, it does give you credit for taking steps at an elevation. With the free app, synced via Bluetooth technology, you can see your activity and progress throughout the day.

The Misfit Shine also tracks your sleep. It tells you how much sleep you’re getting and how much of each type of sleep you’re getting. This is fairly typical of most fitness trackers though.

The only downside I can see to the Misfit Shine is that, although you can set fitness goals, there is not a way to track and count calories; a separate tool would be needed for this. This isn’t a deal breaker though, as a simple phone app can do this, and with a little maths, you can figure your energy expenditure for the day. Another downside is that the cycling activity only works with the magnetic clasp on the shoe. It would be nice if there were some way to measure cycling activity without the magnetic clasp being the only option, but it is one of the only fitness trackers that knows that you’re cycling.

Overall, the Misfit Shine is the best looking of all of the fitness trackers, with its simple, timeless, almost elegant design. It is also very versatile in how it can be worn. The Misfit Shine fills in where other fitness trackers have fallen short, with its clock, heart rate monitor and being able to track swimming and cycling. At around £99, the Misfit Shine would make the most sense of all fitness trackers to invest in.

Accelerometers / Step CounterYesVibrating AlarmNo
Syncs to PC / AppYes / iOS & AndroidChargeable BatteryNo - watch battery lasts up to 4 months
Altitude TrackingCan measure elevation.WaterproofYes - Tracks Swimming
Heart Rate MonitorNoVisible DisplaySuper Minimalistic, includes Watch.
Sleep MonitoringYesPrice£79-£99

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