Samsung Gear Fit Review

Designed to offer a combination of smart watch and fitness tool, the Gear Fit is the first product of its kind released by the Korean manufacturer. With a focus on fitness and healthy living, does the technological approach really suit those who are looking to get in shape?

The first thing to consider is the aesthetics. Unlike a phone or MP3 player which can be tucked away into a pocket, these devices are designed to be worn and seen. As such, it is essential that they look the part and in this regard the Samsung Gear Fit certainly succeeds. With a curved screen and a selection of changeable wrist straps, the device is designed to fit comfortably, with the rectangular screen sitting across the top of the wrist. The hints of chrome around the edges recall the iPhones of several generations ago but in a subtle fashion. In fact, subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to wearable teach such as this. Those looking from a distance might mistake the device for a watch, allowing the Gear Fit to achieve the first goal of not looking like a laptop strapped to an arm. It blends into an outfit, allowing for inconspicuous use.

In terms of comfort, the adjustable straps and the curved nature of the back of the device allow it to sit comfortably on the wrist, though it might be worth testing one out in order to ensure is suits your particular build before purchasing. The changeable straps allow for alterations and can make sure that the device is not moving around a huge amount during use.

The screen is the main feature of the Samsung Gear Fit, drawing the focus and allowing the device to achieve its potential. By stretching the screen out in a portrait fashion, Samsung have found the maximum amount of screen space available, vital for displaying information such as the time, BPM, distance and anything else which might be needed. The display is bright and vibrant, which will be important for reading what the device has to say on those sunny mornings. The choice of font and the manner of display ensure that all of the information is available without being confusing or complicated.

Because of the nature of the device, connecting to a Samsung smartphone is essential. The companion device will connect via Bluetooth and will run in tandem with the Gear Fit, receiving and processing information via a dedicated selection of apps. The device will only work with Samsung smartphones, meaning that you will be forced to limit your future choices if you wish to continue to use the wearable option. The battery lasts between two and three days and charging via the dedicated cable can be difficult and annoying; finding the port is a bother, especially if hands are tired from exercise.

While the device might look great, the quality does not extend through every aspect of the Samsung Gear Fit. There are two intended uses – a smart watch and a fitness device – and the Gear Fit does neither particularly well. With a high price, the Samsung product costs more than a smart watch or a fitness tracker, doing the work of both in a reduced capacity. Just as with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the device feels like a prototype for a better product, a great idea let down by the execution.

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